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Welcome to The Art of Web

The Art of Web presents code snippets and examples in fields ranging from server configuration and security to advanced css effects. The code is presented in tutorial format so not always suitable for direct copying.

All code is free to use and adapt and we always appreciate a link or tweet.

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Site Contents

  • HTML - tips and examples
  • CSS - links, tips and examples
  • JavaScript - programming tips and examples
  • PHP - programming tips and examples
  • SQL - tips and example
  • System - system commands, mod_rewrite and other 'tricks'
  • Links - useful links

I hope that you find something here that's not only useful, but perhaps inspirational.

About this Site

The Art of Web is a showcase and testing ground for Chirp Internet, a web development and consulting company that has been building interactive websites since 1997. Chirp was originally based in Canberra, Australia, but in 2003 we re-located to the Netherlands, and then in 2008 to Sibiu, Romania. Our clients are mostly in Australia, Europe and the United States.

If you have problems implementing any of the code presented on this site, or you're looking for something we haven't covered, then you can contact us through the Feedback link at the top of the page. We welcome comments, corrections, questions and criticism.

Duncan Crombie
Freelance Web Developer

User Comments

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3 October, 2022


15 April, 2020

Long story so I will make this short. I have been working with technology since 1997. For the last 10 years, I have been teaching technology classes at community college. I retired in 2018. I came across your site today and was thrown away by how well it was written and the format. You make it easy for anyone to follow and understand the different options. I wished could have shared this site with my students. I want to encourage you to continue this format and continue to add articles.

28 February, 2017

Good work ! Thank you for explaning the programing language in such a descriptive way.The diagrams explained by you gives clear understanding of the appliction of scripts..Thank u once again for sharing ..

8 February, 2017

Really awesome site! Thanks a lot for all the articles and tips that you guys post, I've found some really nice CSS and JS code that helped me imporve my coding. It is really awesome to see that in the beginnig of this year you posted a nice volume of articles.
Keep the spirit of the web development!
Greetings from Argentina.

PS: You guys are awesome!

9 September, 2014

Great HTML5 source for website developers - providing detailed documentation and instruction.

2 February, 2014

Very useful site. And it is interesting to use chinese "艺术网"。

16 April, 2012

Love your website. It's well organized, complex on the inside and simple and beautifully designed on the outside - so easy to follow. That's an art. I really appreciate what you done with this site.


20 August, 2010

I come across your web through search engine.
That's definitely a wonderful website. However I've took notice the Chinese calligraphy doesn't match your domain name "the art of web". The three Chinese characters mean "a website about art". The correct one should be "網的藝術"(Im afraid those characters cannot be displayed correctly on your machine.)

13 August, 2010

Just happened upon your site this evening and find it a real joy to use. Clean, correct, helpful, and lovely to look at. Thanks for providing such a thoughtfully designed service. I will recommend it to the rest of my team.

Thanks! If I only had more time to keep it updated...

7 July, 2010

The Chinese character there is correct. Very often when translated from chinese character to English the words or sentence structure is inverted.

Good to know. Thanks

26 October, 2009

Great site. It looks like there is a lot of useful and interesting information here. I'd sure like an RSS feed to follow that told me when you posted some new information

Thanks for the feedback. I've added an RSS feed now that will includes links to new articles as they are released.

9 June, 2009

Very beautiful Chinese calligraphy you chose. Love it.

However, it does not match the English title. To translate the Chinese writing, it means "The Web of Art". To correct it, the third character needs to be at the top and add another character in between.

Thanks Becky. A friend of a friend in China wrote the characters for me herself so it's not something I can easily change. Actually I'm happy to hear that it's so close in any case, and maybe there are different ways it can be interpreted