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The following is a directory of user agents, including their source and general purpose as far as we can determine. Most entries link to an "official" site containing more detailed information. You can also paste a UA from your logs into the form below, hit [Go!] and see a list the relevant agents.

We currently have 946 distinct user agents in our database representing everything from search engines to software components and spambots. These have been collected from our log files over a number of years and researched manually.

Search for User Agent

To use this form just copy and paste an entire User-Agent string from your server log file into the input box and then submit the form. The search is case-sensitive so "nokia" will not match "Nokia".

Most user agent strings now contain a number of separate components so the search will return a list of everything that has a match in the database.

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Server Software

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1) ArcGIS -
ArcGIS is the name of a group of Geographic Information System software product lines produced by ESRI
2) Atomz -
3) BorderManager -
BorderManager is a suite of network services you can use to connect your network securely to the Internet or any other network. It improves network performance and security at the borders between networks.
4) BravoBrian BStop -
5) Cerberian -
6) CerberianDrtrs -
Dynamic Real-Time Rating service
7) ConveraCrawler -
8) Darwin -
Apple's open source projects allow developers to customize and enhance key Apple software.
9) DataReactor Core -
DataReactor Core Web Caching Software
10) Death2Spam -
The Death2Spam Mail Server is a third-generation Internet email filtering service
11) EmeraldShield -
We run a webbot as a part of our spam and web filtration services.  This is not a stand alone product, and not something that we sell.
12) Gentoo -
Gentoo is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be automatically optimized and customized.
13) GoogleEarthLinux
14) httping -
Httping is like 'ping' but for http-requests.
15) Innominated by ProxyOS -
Surf - faster, anonymously and securely with 128bit SSL
16) LiveJournal -
LiveJournal is a simple-to-use communication tool that lets you express yourself and connect with friends online.
17) Lotus-Notes -
18) MindManager -
MindManager enables companies and individuals to save time by revolutionizing the way they visually capture and manage information.
19) MJ12bot -
We spider the Web for the purpose of building a distributed search engine.
20) MnoGoSearch -
free internet web site search engine software for your site
21) PureSight -
PureSight Content Filter for WinGate Proxy Server
22) QNX Voyager -
23) REBOL -
REBOL/Core is the kernel of the REBOL distributed computing platform.
24) SiteXpert -
25) Space Bison
26) Squid-Prefetch -
Squid-Prefetch will perform early fetches of pages linked to by pages already read.
27) SurfControl -
Suite of products to filter, monitor, block, and report Internet access for businesses.
28) WebCapture -
WebCapture is a secure capture and playback system that records, in context, all web session pages that comprise an e-business transaction.
29) WebFilter Robot -
30) WebWasher -
31) WebXM -
The WebXM platform scans enterprise websites and identifies issues that impact your organization.

For more information on the user agents listed you can click on the associated link. If you think any of the information here is incorrect or misleading please let us know using the Feedback link below.

Please be aware that we do not add user agents to the database on request, but rather wait to see them in our log files.

Browse User Agents by Category

Browser Extensions (42)
Browser extensions are programs that change or enhnace your web browser. Some of them also collect data by sending information on your browsing habits back to a central server.
Content Management (13)
Data Collection - Commercial (47)
These are sites that collect information for commercial benefit. As far as we are aware no useful information or reports are provided to the public.
Data Collection - Research (29)
These agents are conducting research on the WWW. They may also offer commercial services.
Devices (23)
Mobile phones and other gadgets with browser technology.
Download Managers (39)
Programs that enable users to download or extract information from a website or web server.
Indexing Tools (50)
This is software that enables local or remote indexing of web pages and other content for the purposes of setting up a search engine.
Link Checking Utilities (41)
This is software that conducts remote or local link checking.
Media Players (5)
Applications for playing music, video and other media over the Internet.
Other Resources (12)
Links to online resources relating to robots and spiders.
Proxies (7)
If several clients request the same content, the proxy can deliver that content from its cache, rather than requesting it from the origin server each time.
RSS/Atom Aggregators (43)
These are browser extensions or search spiders that focus on indexing or aggregating RSS and Atom feeds.
Search Engine Spiders (220)
These agents conduct Internet-wide indexing for various search engines.
Server Platforms (6)
Server Software (31)
Site Monitoring Services (15)
Software Components (58)
These are code libraries or application development packages that can be used to build Internet-related applications. How they are used depends on the developer.
Spambots? (45)
These are programs that are used predominately to harvest email addresses, find open guestbooks to post to, etc. They may also have legitimate uses.
Unclassified (174)
The following user agents have either not been identified or do not fit neatly into other categories. New agents appear every day that have limited lifespans. Most (but not all) legitimate user agents identify themselves with a URI or email address.
Validation Tools (10)
These are programs and sites that can be used to validate various aspects of your site: HTML, CSS, META tags, etc.
Web Browsers (36)

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