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System: Searchable Directory of User Agents: Unclassified

The following is a directory of user agents, including their source and general purpose as far as we can determine. Most entries link to an "official" site containing more detailed information. You can also paste a UA from your logs into the form below, hit [Go!] and see a list the relevant agents.

We currently have 946 distinct user agents in our database representing everything from search engines to software components and spambots. These have been collected from our log files over a number of years and researched manually.

Search for User Agent

To use this form just copy and paste an entire User-Agent string from your server log file into the input box and then submit the form. The search is case-sensitive so "nokia" will not match "Nokia".

Most user agent strings now contain a number of separate components so the search will return a list of everything that has a match in the database.

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The following user agents have either not been identified or do not fit neatly into other categories. New agents appear every day that have limited lifespans. Most (but not all) legitimate user agents identify themselves with a URI or email address.

1) AccessPointRobot
2) ACN-Robot
3) ActiveBookmark
4) ActiveWorlds
5) ag0000
6) AGLSRobot -
The AGLS Metadata Standard is a set of 19 descriptive elements which government departments and agencies can use to improve the visibility and accessibility of their services and information over the Internet.
7) AIR_Mosaic
8) AnonSurf -
9) AntSearch
10) ATA-Translation-Service -
Also available to members of ATA is a translation service for foreign letters or articles. Twenty-seven languages can be translated, including Spanish, German, Dutch and Chinese.
11) augurnfind
12) biteME
13) BlackMoss -
14) Bumblebee -
15) Butch
16) CARPSpider
17) CCGCrawl -
18) cfetch
19) Chameleon
20) cimel
21) CosmixCrawler
22) Cowdog Bot
23) CSUofA -
24) Cyberdog -
A component software-based Internet suite created (and orphaned) by Apple Computer, Inc
25) DataCha0s
Own3d Ur Box
26) -
27) DaVinci Tool -
28) DBLBot -
29) DoCoMo -
30) Download Ninja
31) Dreye98 MT Browser
32) DSNS
33) EDI
Edacious & Intelligent Web Crawler
34) Emacs -
Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.
35) Encourage
36) Eudora -
Eudora® is the best email program for people who get lots of email.
37) Eureka App -
38) Expired Domain Sleuth -
With Expired Domain Sleuth, you don't have to settle for waiting for domains to expire. To get AHEAD of everyone else, you have to register the domain names BEFORE everyone else does.
39) Fast Crawler Gold Edition
40) FieryFox
41) FindWeb
42) Firefly
43) FyberSpider -
44) Gekko
45) Genie
46) GodServerbot
47) GoQuickBot
48) GornKer Crawler -
49) Gulli -
50) HGT
51) HitList
52) HLoader
53) Holmes
54) homesite3
55) HTML2JPG -
56) http_load -
http_load runs multiple http fetches in parallel, to test the throughput of a web server.
57) IBSBand
58) ichiro -
60) iearthworm
61) iexplore.exe
62) ImageBot
63) InfoMinder -
64) INGRID -
65) Insitornaut
66) InternetLinkAgent
67) Internet Ninja -
68) ipv6 -
IPv6 is the "next generation" protocol designed by the IETF to replace the current version Internet Protocol
69) IQSearch -
Combine file managements and search utility in one program
70) iSiloX -
71) JemmaTheTourist
72) JoeDog -
Siege is an http regression testing and benchmarking utility.
73) JRSocketEngine
74) Kaza
75) KeyWorX
76) KKman -
77) KummHttp
78) lachesis
79) lanshanbot
80) LexiBot -
81) Libby -
82) Liberate Web Crawler -
83) linksnuffler
84) mailfind
85) Marvin
86) MeasurementResearchBot
87) Mercator
88) MindSpider -
An adaptive learning assistant
89) Mister Pix -
Mister PiX is a powerful yet simple to use program that will search for pictures on the Internet and in Newsgroups!
90) MovableType -
Movable Type is a customizable publishing system which enables updating of weblogs, journals, and frequently-updated website content.
91) Mozi!
92) MSMSGS -
MSN Messenger is an Online Chat and Instant Messaging Client
93) MyApp
94) NaverRobot -
95) NCIS Application
96) NDSpider -
97) NetPhysicSpider -
98) Netpliance -
99) Net Probe -
100) NSN
101) NWSpider
102) oBot -
103) obot
104) Ohio International
105) Omnipelagos -
Omnipelagos finds the shortest paths between any two things.
Japan Defence Agency (?)
107) P3P Client -
The Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, is emerging as an industry standard providing a simple, automated way for users to gain more control over the use of personal information on Web sites they visit.
108) PageDown
109) PanopeaBot -
110) parasite -
Pennsylvania State University CSE
111) P.Arthur
112) PeerFactor -
... utiliser le p2p contre le piratage ...
113) PlantyNet -
114) Pockey
115) PooHead
116) potbot
117) Rad Viewer
118) ReadAheadWebBrowserHost
119) Redback
120) RenderingServer
121) RMA -
RealMedia Architecture - A client/server system developed by RealNetworks that gives content creators the ability to stream any data type.
122) Rumours-Agent
123) SakeBot
124) savvybot
125) ScSpider
126) SearchGuild_DMOZ_Experiment -
127) SeppukuBrowser
128) SEW
129) sherlock_spider
130) Sisi
131) SJ
132) Sqworm
133) SSM Agent
134) Strider
135) sureseeker -
136) SURF
137) Talkro Web-Shot
138) TCGRecipBot
139) TE -
140) Test1.0
141) TestBED
142) toCrawl/UrlDispatcher
143) trafficbloater -
Web traffic is the life blood of your business... your website is starved of visitors... prepare for a feast
144) TranSGeniKBot -
145) TravelBot
146) TREX
147) TSPIndexer
148) Turing Machine -
149) TuringOS -
150) TygoProwler -
151) umai
152) Under the Rainbow
153) Unknown
154) URLBlaze -
155) Utopia
156) ValidURL
157) versus -
158) VSE
159) W3Bot -
160) webcollage -
WebCollage is a program that creates collages out of random images found on the Web. More images are being added to the collage about once a minute, so this page will reload itself periodically. Clicking on one of the images in the collage will take you to the page on which it was found.
161) Wildsoft Surfer
162) WinScripter
163) WireAction URLCheckSpider -
164) WorQmada
165) WWWC -
166) wwwster
167) wwwxref
168) X-clawler -
169) Yeti
170) Zagrebin
171) zerxbot
172) zerxspid
173) Zeus -
174) ZixBot -

For more information on the user agents listed you can click on the associated link. If you think any of the information here is incorrect or misleading please let us know using the Feedback link below.

Please be aware that we do not add user agents to the database on request, but rather wait to see them in our log files.

Browse User Agents by Category

Browser Extensions (42)
Browser extensions are programs that change or enhnace your web browser. Some of them also collect data by sending information on your browsing habits back to a central server.
Content Management (13)
Data Collection - Commercial (47)
These are sites that collect information for commercial benefit. As far as we are aware no useful information or reports are provided to the public.
Data Collection - Research (29)
These agents are conducting research on the WWW. They may also offer commercial services.
Devices (23)
Mobile phones and other gadgets with browser technology.
Download Managers (39)
Programs that enable users to download or extract information from a website or web server.
Indexing Tools (50)
This is software that enables local or remote indexing of web pages and other content for the purposes of setting up a search engine.
Link Checking Utilities (41)
This is software that conducts remote or local link checking.
Media Players (5)
Applications for playing music, video and other media over the Internet.
Other Resources (12)
Links to online resources relating to robots and spiders.
Proxies (7)
If several clients request the same content, the proxy can deliver that content from its cache, rather than requesting it from the origin server each time.
RSS/Atom Aggregators (43)
These are browser extensions or search spiders that focus on indexing or aggregating RSS and Atom feeds.
Search Engine Spiders (220)
These agents conduct Internet-wide indexing for various search engines.
Server Platforms (6)
Server Software (31)
Site Monitoring Services (15)
Software Components (58)
These are code libraries or application development packages that can be used to build Internet-related applications. How they are used depends on the developer.
Spambots? (45)
These are programs that are used predominately to harvest email addresses, find open guestbooks to post to, etc. They may also have legitimate uses.
Unclassified (174)
The following user agents have either not been identified or do not fit neatly into other categories. New agents appear every day that have limited lifespans. Most (but not all) legitimate user agents identify themselves with a URI or email address.
Validation Tools (10)
These are programs and sites that can be used to validate various aspects of your site: HTML, CSS, META tags, etc.
Web Browsers (36)

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